Production house where meetings, dialogues and exchanges interweave to build cinematographic projects that present a singular, authentic and poetic vision.

Arantza Maldonado
has a Bachelor degree in Audiovisual Communication, Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. She first worked as Assistant to Producers and Line Producer in some independent productions in Europe and in Canada. Later on, she joined Tungsten visual, a young production company where she collaborated as Line Producer in a short-film, (You’re driving me crazy), interactive project and a webseries (Fréquences), finalist at Numix 2013. After her participation as an Associate Producer for the mobile game Modern Combat 4 developped by Gameloft, she returns to independent cinema at Faits Divers Média. Her vast experiences in different audiovisual areas, enlarge her expertise and her understanding of production.

Pedro Ruiz
bachelor in Social Communication, filmmaker and photojournalist, has made Tropical animal in Montreal, a portrait of Cuban author Pedro Juan Gutiérrez. His film The sweet drifting of a child from Haiti immerses us in writer Dany Laferrière’s unbridled imagination. He was awarded Public Prize in Montreal International Documentary Festival in 2009. In 2012 he directs Philemon Chante Habana, an intimate odyssey of compositor and singer Philémon Cimon. In 2018, Pedro finishes Havana, from on high, a dazzling and poetic trip into Havana.